Introduction to Sri Aurobindo's Classic Book   "The Synthesis of Yoga"

Experience the joy of reading the all-embracing vision and radical approach of Sri Aurobindo, a revolutionary Yogi🌻.
The Synthesis of Yoga is neither a book of philosophy nor a specific line of practice. It is the vast consciousness of the Master that unravels the entire trajectory of human pursuit of Yoga and its destined culmination in the future.
Reading it has been life-changing for many thousands of people like me. It is the guiding light that answers but also questions and opens our eyes to the divine workings☀️. 

A 5-Week Immersive Journey into Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga🌺

This course is for you if you are a seeker with any of these questions:

 🌷Is Yoga all about asanas, pranayama, meditation
and mindfulness practices? Or is there something beyond?
 🌷Is life an illusion? If this is all maya, then is life worth living?
 🌷Is nirvana, moksha, or liberation the final object of yoga?
Or is there something beyond?
🌷Is there a way in which all different systems of yoga
can meet and accelerate the journey in an integral way?
 🌷Is man the final and supreme creation of evolution?
 🌷Matter to Life, Life to Mind... what is next after Mind?

What we propose in our Yoga is nothing less than to break up the whole formation of our past and present which makes up the ordinary material and mental man and to create a new centre of vision and a new universe of activities in ourselves which shall constitute a divine humanity or a superhuman nature…
— Sri Aurobindo

Come, join us to break free from the old mental formations and welcome the new vision of the future. This is a deep dive into the first five chapters of Synthesis of Yoga where we discover:
🌸 the meaning & supreme object of Yoga and the highest purpose of human life
🌸 the secret yoga of Nature and three-fold of Life
🌸 the systems of yoga and Sri Aurobindo’s brilliant synthesis of the systems

Certificate of Completion can be provided on successful completion of the course track chosen by the participant.
22 Nov - 27 Dec
Guided Expedition to the Chapters
      Tuesdays       8.15-9.45 PM IST
Collective Mantric Reading Circle
Weekly Commitment ✍🏼
3️⃣ or 5️⃣ days a week
 Monday-Friday 7-7.45 AM IST

Join the Sacred Sangha of Synthesis of Yoga  💐                     

Contribution for Practice Lab: ₹3540 (inclusive of all taxes)

"All Life is Yoga" - Sri Aurobindo

  • Every Tuesday Guided Expedition to the Chapters

    8.15-9.45 PM IST
  • Monday to Friday Collective Mantric Reading Circle

    7-7.45 AM IST
  • Session 1 Orientation & Chapter I: Life and Yoga

    November 22
  • Session 2 Chapter II: The Three Steps of Nature

    November 29
  • Session 3 Chapter III: The Threefold Life

    December 6
  • Session 4 Chapter IV:  The Systems of Yoga

    December 13
  • Session 5 Chapter V: The Synthesis of the Systems

    December 20
  • Session 6 Sharing Insights: Presentation by Participants

    December 27

Sign Up Now if You Are

A Spiritual Seeker 

If you are someone with spiritual quest, wondering how spirituality can take a leap into the future, exploring different paths and looking for an overview of pursuit of yoga in India and how the soul-essence of apparently contradictory lines can be brought together, join us to travel with us.

Aspiring to Read Sri Aurobindo

Often people feel that reading Sri Aurobindo is not easy; many are ardent devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother but very few attempt to read and practice Integral Yoga. Here is a space  that we offer with love, with a text that is most central to Integral Yoga. 

Willing to Commit to Practice

Beginning our day with the light of Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga is a delight and a blessing. 

We highly recommend that you join Morning Mantric Reading Circles, 7-7.45am; together we practice mantric reading and contemplate on some of the important paragraphs from the chapters of Introduction. 

After you enroll, you will make a clear commitment - how many of the morning sessions you will be attending. Whatever number of times you choose, once you make the choice, you attend the sessions no matter what. 

Come,  Bask in the Light of Sri Aurobindo 🪔

"[Sri Aurobindo] is the bringer of that light which will chase away the darkness that           envelops the world today."   — Tan Yun Shan

The Sadhana of Reading

Why Reading?

In an age where at any given moment in time there are a hundred different things to distract us, reading is an amazing tool, a neurobiological process that empowers your ability to concentrate and at the same time pulls you out of your own little silos and creates new pathways for life while reducing the rate of cognitive decline.

Why Sri Aurobindo?

Sri Aurobindo is a seer and a yogi whose extensive writings are based on his own meticulous yogic research and an embodied understanding in the deep fields of consciousness. He has travelled through the vast ocean of Indian spiritual traditions, and beyond, sculpted a way through the virgin forests and meticulously mapped the whole Yoga of Nature, the entire Evolution of Consciousness. His words are potent with transformative force; they disclose profound meanings in the deep silence of your heart and bring forth new possibilities. 

The Power of Collective Mantric Reading

Why Collective Reading?

The journey is intense and the joy multiplies manifold when sincere seekers come together to create a sacred sharing and listening space to learn deeply from each other, inspire and hold each others' hands in progress. Inertia and the mind's deceiving excuses find no room in the power of the collective while self-discipline is quietly nurtured.

Why Mantric Reading?

Sri Aurobindo's words are mantric, they have a light and a power, as one concentrates and gives oneself to His words, this light and consciousness can enter. One reads as if one is drinking, or one is getting drunk, dissolved into the lines. With a silent mind, the meaning will unveil itself.

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About Purnam

Purnam Centre for Integrality is a unit of Auroville Foundation, an Institution of Higher Education, Government of India, located in Auroville, which is a UNESCO supported international city in the making in Tamil Nadu, India, with the aim of realising human unity.

  • Sahana

    Ph.D. Psychology, Instructor at Purnam Centre for Integrality

    Hello friends,
    I came to Pondicherry five years back while I was doing my PhD, in search of answers in the field of education. I found my answers not only to the burning questions that I was holding but also to the questions that were unmanifest in my mind but secretly deep within my heart. Since then I have been with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's works, exploring, reading, compiling, practicing and sharing joyfully. My life has taken some beautiful turns that I had never imagined, purely by Their Grace.   
    I have been part of a sangha that has been reading The Synthesis of Yoga every morning for the last year and a half. We begin our day by bathing in the luminous light of Sri Aurobindo, bowing down to His vision of a divine humanity and offering our life-flowers at His feet. I have been aspiring to spread this joy of reading Sri Aurobindo’s profound synthesis of various lines of spirituality, not to escape from life but to fulfill an integral divine life on earth; and here I am, offering this course with love, for seekers prepared to receive this golden treasure, from the land of Auroville, a city created to realise the ideal of Sri Aurobindo.

  • Divyanshi Chugh

    Course Guide, The Founder and Chief Executive of Purnam Centre for Integrality, Auroville

    Divyanshi Chugh was studying Social Policy at University of Oxford, when she decided to come to Pondicherry. Through an year of intense inner churning at Oxford, Divyanshi decided to forgo the prospect of pursuing further studies from Cambridge and instead came to India to dive into Indian spiritual wisdom. She studied Integral Yoga Psychology from the works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo from Indian Psychology Institute. The course in Pondicherry was a deeply transformative journey for her. However, after the course, she felt like she was sitting on a goldmine but did not know how to apply it in the world. In 2016, searching for how one can apply integral knowledge in life, in a way that transforms oneself as well as the collective, she came to Auroville. Today, she is seeking to apply her learnings in Auroville, through building and facilitating higher educational learning programmes & projects, founded in integral yoga psychology.
Testimonials About Purnam's Practice Labs
Reading the first five chapters of SoY was a magical experience. Immense spiritual wisdom got revealed while reading the text. And what really even more amazing was how different members of the sangha shared their understanding of the text, which helped further deepen the understanding of the text.
Shubham Jain
Management consultant, BCG
Sahana, a gentle surrendered soul yet she carries immense power of action. Her devotion to work inspires me to give myself more to the process. She has a pure and loving aspiration that drives her to hold space for all and help others to move forward despite the challenging circumstances. She is a facilitator, friend, leader, role model, sincere sadhak and more than everything, a refined instrument of a Deeper space.
Dr. Subhashree Savadamuthu
General Physician & Integral Healing Companion

Frequently Asked Questions

Morning reading circle is where you will find the soul of this course, the flood of delight. We highly recommend that you attend morning reading circles, ideally 5 times a week, for the maximum growth and benefit.  

After you sign up and we select you, we will be giving you a form to fill where you would be commiting to attending the morning reading sessions, 3 or 5 times a week. You are free to choose either of the three options. But whatever you choose, it is compulsory to follow that. 

From our side, it is recommended to attend all 5 reading sessions, for deepening, continuity and a deep sense of Sangha. In case you choose to attend 3 days live, you would be required to catch up on the other 2 days through recording. 
We have two tracks. You choose one after enrolment. Whichever track you choose, it is mandatory to stick to it. You will not be able to shift tracks. The first track is "Live" and the second track is "Recorded". Live is definitely preferable for benefitting the maximum out of this course. It is the preferred track, for making the most out of this opportunity. Attend live, attend with your camera ON, attend without distractions, attend with a stable internet in a quiet place. There is a power of collective aspiration and collective learning, which recorded learning cannot give. 

After you sign up and we select you for the course, we will send you a form where you will be committing to attending all the live sessions. If you commit to attending, then it is compulsory for you to attend all sessions. However, if you are in another time zone and are unable to attend the sessions live, you can choose the recordings track and we will be happy to provide you with the recordings. 

Attending the sessions live is definitely preferred. However, if your time zone is different, we are happy to provide you with the recordings. 
We will be reading some of the important paragraphs from each chapter. It is not the breadth but the depth that we will be focusing on while reading collectively. You are expected to read the five chapters in its totality by yourself. It will also help you develop the habit of reading Sri Aurobindo independently. Reading Sri Aurobindo is transformative, and developing a habit of reading him independently is an important learning outcome we are looking at. 
The course is not so much about theoretical understanding and mental analysis of the text but to dissolve in the consciousness of the Master and receive the essence of the words that He is offering to us. This cohort-based course is consciously designed to allow the organic flow of collective energy and inspiration where each one is hand-held for their progress. 

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