Living the Ayurvedic Way

Do you feel tired during work? Have trouble sleeping?
Often, your stomach doesn't agree with the food you eat. You know what is ‘healthy’ but you are not able to start "living healthily"! 😪
Dinacharya (Ayurvedic daily routine) is an ancient Vedic art of unfolding the inner balance of body mind and soul.
Join the 4-week expert-led course, to learn the ancient science of Ayurveda. Implement it joyously into your modern routine to lead a Creative & Productive life! 🌻

⛳ 4-Week Journey to Embrace Health & Embody Your True Potential

The tradition of Dinacharya (daily routine) is one of the single most powerful Ayurvedic tools for improving overall health and well-being.  It teaches us how to align ourselves with nature and its rhythm. Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda is holistic and takes into account all aspects of our life (i.e. food, sleep, relationships, emotions etc). Through the course, we will unfold the deep knowledge of Ayurveda and make it super simple to follow!
🪜In the 4-week course, you will:
1. Understand what is health & balance according to your constitution
2. Build a routine based on external factors like season, climate, place etc
3. Build a routine based on internal factors like vitality, mood, intellectual capacity etc
4. Build a strong base with 3 pillars of life i.e. food, sleep & relationship
Outcomes experienced by participants of our previous cohort:
😊Harmony in relationships with oneself, others & Divine
😊Improved Gut Health
😊Better productivity
😊Deeper Sleep
6 Nov - 4 Dec
Live Session & Q/A
with Dr. Berengere, Ayurvedic Doctor from Auroville
Sun, 10:00-11:30 AM IST
Sharing Circle to Learn from Each Other's Experience 
Thur, 8:00 - 9:15 PM IST

Join the 4-Week Journey: Living the Ayurvedic Way

Contribution for Practice Lab: ₹3540 (inclusive of all taxes)

  • 10 Nov Orientation & Intro to Ayurveda

    8 PM - 9:15 PM 
  • Every Thursday Sharing Circle & Health Journal

    8 PM - 9:15 PM
  • Every Sunday Live Session & Q/A with Dr. Berengere

    10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Week 1 Discover Your Body Type & Set Intention towards Ayurvedic Lifestyle

    6 Nov - 12 Nov
  • Week2 Work on Ayurvedic Night Routine, Sleep & Habit Formation

    13 Nov - 19 Nov
  • Week3 Work on Ayurvedic Morning & Afternoon Routine, Learn about Relationships & Work

    20 Nov - 26 Nov
  • Week 4 Work on Ayurvedic Evening Routine, Learn about Food & Physical Health 

    27 Nov - 3 Dec 
  • 4 Dec Final Presentations & Celebrations 

    10 AM - 12 PM

🌻Sign Up Now if You Are

Someone who believes in Ayurveda and finds it difficult to practice it in daily life

You have read about Ayurveda, watched online videos or even consulted an Ayurvedic doctor. It seems to solve your problem temporarily, but you are not able to be consistent in your lifestyle.
You find it difficult to maintain an Ayurvedic lifestyle and the process is not joyous.

Facing challenges of the stomach, energy levels and sleep in your daily life

You feel lethargy in the morning or afternoons, you feel heaviness in your stomach after meals, and you feel there is a lack of deep and peaceful sleep.                           

Aspiring to live to your fullest potential through a healthy body and clear mind

You are looking to lead an energetic and productive life. You want to consistently be healthy and the best version of yourself.

Learning is Better with Community

Learn to Evolve by Practicing Together as a Community

Expert Guidance with Community Love

Vibrant Community & Sharing Circle

Throughout the course, we will do small practices daily, share our experience, learn from others and inspire each other for the whole community to evolve. Every week, we will host a sharing circle to celebrate wins, share reflections and tackle challenges together.

Expert Guidance from Dr. Be in Auroville

Dr. Be is following Dinacharya for the last 15+ years and has deep experiential knowledge of Ayurveda for herself & 1000+ patients. She has packaged her knowledge into this experiential journey and will be guiding all participants for 4 weeks.
It's truly a blessing!    

Learning by doing 

Task of the Day

Daily you will receive small knowledge nuggets and very simple tasks that will help you to take small baby baby steps 👣 towards holistic health.

Daily Practices

The whole course is designed to help you build & sustain practices that unfold the inner balance of mind, body and soul. These are simple practices that you anyway do like brushing, bathing and eating. But with small tweaks to the routine, one can drastically improve the quality of life.

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About Purnam

Purnam Centre for Integrality is a unit of Auroville Foundation, an Institution of Higher Education, Government of India, located in Auroville, which is a UNESCO supported international city in the making in Tamil Nadu, India, with the aim of realising human unity.

  • Smrati Humar

    Purnam Core Facilitator

    Smrati is a core facilitator at the Purnam center of Integrality, facilitating flagship courses like Savitri Painting & Swadharma. She is known for her sweet nudges of ‘baby baby steps’ to help participants excel in their courses. She is also a sacred living practitioner and has designed & facilitated several learning spaces like: ‘Learn Culinary Art through Sacred Cooking’, ‘Establishing Sacred Kitchen’, ‘The Light Body’, ‘Satvic Lifestyle’, ‘The 21-Day Eat More Vegetable Challenge’, ‘Rhythm - The Yoga of Time’, and ‘Dinacharya 1.0’.

    All her courses are designed towards bringing joy and health to the world. Based on the roots of Indian spirituality, she sees that Ayurveda is the foremost knowledge system when it comes to food and lifestyle. She is actively learning, experiencing and trying to bring this knowledge to the world in a modern context. Dinacharya course is a strong step in this direction.
  • Dr. Berengere, Ayurveda

    Ayurveda Doctor (Vaidya), Traditional Indian Medicine
    Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, India

    Dr. Be first graduated in International Business in France and did an MBA in Manchester, UK. After 10 years of wandering in various countries and continents, she finally found what she was longing and searching for: Ayurveda, the Science of Life; the precious knowledge of body and mind that reveals the inner being, guides all along this life and helps to understand our purpose.
    Dr. Be currently serves at Santé, Auroville Institute for Integral Health for consultations and research. She helps her patients to understand where the disunion lies, which Dosha or nature in the body – (Vata/Air, Pitta/Fire or Kapha/ Water & Earth) creates the imbalance, the symptoms and eventually the diseases in the body and mind. She is also working on a research project at JIPMER.
Experiences of our previous participants
...Dinacharya has given an observable difference in my quality of sleep, freshness in the morning, better bowel movement, and on time. Less gastric problems, and better digestion...Now I understand my needs a little better. I know others a little better. "I believe it's a great beginning!"
😊😊😊 Santosh [Dinacharya 1.0]
"Where lies my weakness and how do I conquer it, how do I master it, how do I deal with it.
This is something that has come during Dincharya.
😊😊😊 Sahana [Dinacharya 1.0]
"I become more tolerant towards my husband knowing his Prakruti. I used to get irritated with small things but now the irritation has stopped."
😊😊😊Lalita [Dinacharya 1.0]                                                                                     
"I am more conscious of my body, health, and all my choices of what I choose to eat, the combinations, whether it is creating heat in the body, when am I full, the cravings, etc. I noticed that if I sleep beyond 7-7:30 am, Kapha sets in, and it's tiring."
😊😊😊Surya [Dinacharya 1.0]
I had always heard people telling me that before brushing I need to drink water. I really don't know the logic behind it, but I used to drink 2-3 glasses of water before brushing thinking that the previous night I brushed and nothing after that I have eaten so it should be fine. but later on, when Dr. Be. told me that digestion can relieve residue in the mouth that was the revelation. She told me that eating in small portions, especially for Vata people also has really helped.
And "my bloating, I can say that it's almost gone." It gives a lot of satisfaction.
😊😊😊Bindu [Dinacharya 1.0]   

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is very important to attend all live sessions as the experience cannot be recorded. We urge you to make time for this experience in your life.
Right now, we are only able to offer this time and it is compulsory to attend. Please reach out to me for discussing your situation.
If for some reason you cancel 2 weeks before the course starts 80% of the fee would be refunded. But within 2 weeks of course start, no refund can be provided.
No. Just an open mind and commitment to action is more than enough to excel in this course.
1) 30 minutes per day for the task of the day but these are your regular tasks, like eating, bathing, brushing, but with small tweaks suggested as per Dinacharya
2) 75 mins on Thursday for sharing circles & collective reflection 
3) 90 mins on Sunday for expert sessions with Dr. Be
This is a practical course to improve your lifestyle and this in turn will help with many lifestyle related ailments. But this course is NOT designed for treatment of any particular disease. For illnesses, you can reach out to Dr. Be for consultation.
Please feel free to reach out on WhatsApp +91-9167-789-899

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