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A drop of practice is better than an ocean of theories, advice and good resolutions. However, making a transformational practice into a habit is tough. Despite habit trackers and motivational content, we fail. Our Practice Labs are designed to change this by leveraging the power of sangha for self-transformation.

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Learn through action to embody your knowledge. You truly know only what you put into action with your body.


Your learning capacity multiplies when you learn together as a community.
Joy of community is something I really experienced in holding my practice lab. The community is always there carrying my back. It does not feel like I am facilitating alone. There is such a beautiful sense of effortlessness.
Psychologist, National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, New Delhi. Facilitator, Healing Triad Purnam Practice Lab.
The beautiful collective spaces that we create are so profound that love and gratitude just flow through. Holding spaces becomes just a harmonious journey where many limitations beautifully melt away. 🌸⭐️ The sharing from everyone feels so refreshing full of love, be it Palak's workouts or Mini's nature walks. It is inspiring and lively.
Priya Ramakrishnan
Facilitator  of 10+ Purnam Practice Labs

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Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step - Lao Tzu

Self-transformation is easy when you practice together and take small steps on the way. These learning labs are facilitated by people who are transforming themselves by practicing together with their peers. As the name suggests, these are labs where you experiment and find out what works for you to make progress on your path of self-transformation.

7 Practice Labs to Choose From

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